Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday!

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Every Sunday we have Somerset’s No1 Sunday carvery! People from all around come and enjoy our delicious food, friendly service and you mustn’t forget our beautiful views!

Today is my grandmothers 80th birthday. Yesterday, me and my brother went shopping for her presents. While he was stacked up like a pack horse, I spotted an 80th birthday banner and a giant helium balloon so obviously we bought that too.

Our mother has tired her best at making a cake for after the meal. However, it looks like the top is about to fall off!

We have just arrived at Oake Manor golf club, I must admit I was a bit worried about Gran walking from the car park but there’s a drop off point right outside the front door. Brilliant.

Her birthday meal is a surprise, she thinks she’s just going out for lunch with Grandad but all of us are going to be here when she arrives and there’s a lot of us; 24 to be exact. It’s nice that we all get to be on one table with a beautiful view and a (an almost,) beautiful cake on display.

Do you know what, might have a glass of wine. After the car ride with my two brothers, mum driving and a giant helium balloon sat next to me I think I need it. OK, I’ve bought a bottle. Yes, I’ll share (maybe). Gran has ARRIVED. I think she’s crying, hopefully with delight.

Come on guys let’s sit down I’m starving.

I don’t know if it’s just my family who take years to decide who sits where. Finally, I am sat. One of the waitresses is very polite and asking if anyone else would like a drink, nice touch.

My mother is smiling at the menu, guessing she has seen how many of starters are gluten free. It’s funny, some places you go out for a meal and they have two options max. I secretly think that’s why she chose to come here.

Brie wedges are my kind of starter! Dipped in cranberry sauce the perfect combination. Or the chicken caesar salad, hm that’s always a winner.

As the younger, (annoyinger) members of my family get distracted easily – the waitress has come back with an Oake Manor balloon and colouring pack for them. This will keep them quiet for hours!

Right, starters have been cleared it’s time to dive into the main event; the carvery.

It’s so nice to be here with all of my family. When live takes over and you’re always busy, it is actually so nice to all have a day off and all be together.

Is it bad that when I’m sat here eating my roast dinner, all I can think about is the fruit pavlova I can see starting at me from that dessert trolley?

Gran is loving that balloon, it’s actually so funny. I can’t wait to see her walking out holding it – it’s double the size of her, she’ll blow away.

Mother I’m impressed. This cake is delicious, and Gran is loving it as well!

Perfect a cup of coffee to finish of this lovely day lunch.

Stuffed and content, it’s time to go home.

Definitely going to find time to spend this quality time with my family like this again.

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