Custom Golf Fitting

Custom Golf Fitting with 'C' Swing Technology

Did you know that it is essential to have your golf equipment fitted to your individual needs by an experienced and qualified person? Not only does this have a beneficial bearing on your game, but can save wear and tear on your body, as well.

Many golfers struggle on needlessly with unsuitable equipment – not surprising when you consider that many clubs on the market are designed with every permutation of component to suit players of any and every ability, age, potential, build, height, strength, body shape, technique and swing speed etc.

Using the latest digital “C” SWING technology we provide an excellent custom fitting club service for all golfers.


Free Swing and Equipment Check


Book a FREE swing and equipment check together with a custom club fitting session, which will be carried out by our highly trained and experienced PGA Professional staff.

We can also help you improve your game by ensuring you are playing with the best balls for you.

The Titleist Golf Ball Fitting Methodology

Titleist is our top maker for golf clubs and balls, and as a top Titleist Custom Fitting agent, we are trained in the practice of Titleist golf ball fitting methodology which focuses on educating golfers and recommending a Titleist golf ball that will help them shoot lower scores.

Titleist Golf Ball Education


Proper golf ball fitting includes all shots, and should focus first on shots to the green as round-by-round analysis shows that more shots are taken into and around the green than off the tee.

The Initial selection process asks the golfer about his or her playing characteristics, and recommends two Titleist golf balls for them to try.

The On-Course Evaluation Process is conducted by the player and is green-to-tee in its comparison process.

Golfers should compare golf balls first on partial swing iron shots hit into and around the green, followed by full swing iron shots, and finally hitting from the tee with the driver. This methodology determines the highest performing ball for a golfer’s total game, not on just one shot. Final selection is made by the golfer based on performance and results following the On-Course Evaluation.

Book a Titleist Golf Ball Fitting Methodology with our PGA Professional staff.