Corporate Golf Club Membership

Corporate Golf Membership Scheme

If you were considering a slightly different, more flexible approach for a corporate golf club membership scheme, this is for you..

Your organization can purchase rounds of golf in a bundle which can be used and cashed in as required; rounds have no time limit and can be used at any time. When the rounds have been exhausted you can purchase another bundle at the appropriate price at the time of renewal.


Your Guests are Members for A Day

On arrival, your guests simply register in our golf shop as if they were members. All players are treated evenly at Oake Manor; we have a relaxed and friendly environment where guests can enjoy a great day’s golf using our excellent golf facilities and unwind afterwards in our air-conditioned club lounge bar and restaurant – one of the best places to eat in Somerset.


Our golf club is more than just golf. Our breakfasts, lunches, dinners & beverages are well renown.

Cost Information

Bundle of rounds costs as follows (price shown per round not including VAT):

30 x Rounds


60 x Rounds


80 x Rounds


100 x Rounds



Tuition is available from our resident PGA golf professionals for non-golfers and improvers at attractive rates. Our Golf Shop is fully stocked with all the latest and most popular equipment, and our PGA.

For a special corporate occasion, look into our Corporate Golf Days packages, with Golf Day Extras.

Golf at Oake Manor, with our friendly, flexible approach, our cosy and relaxed clubhouse, and delicious food and drink will prove a very popular venue for your organisation, customers and guests. To join call James Smallacombe or Lewis Hanney on 01823 461993 option 1 - Who will be delighted to discuss our corporate golf membership scheme further with you.
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