Conference Booking Form

This form is a Booking Request and Enquiry for our conference facilities. Following the submission of the form Oake Manor will contact you to confirm the booking and discuss the options with you.

We aim to contact all enquiries within 24 hours, however at our busiest times this could be up to 72 hours. If you have any queries or questions you can call us at any time on 01823 461992.

Please be aware that your booking for the facilities is NOT CONFIRMED until you speak with us and we complete this process. Thank you.

Please ensure that you read and fully understand the booking Terms and Conditions HERE

Conference Booking Form

Conference Details

Occasionally, we like to take photos to use on our social media, do you give permission for photographs to be taken during the conference?

Please note that some of the above options will incur an additional charge. We will confirm this with you when we contact you to confirm the booking.

1. Deposits and confirmation of booking

Any deposits paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. Deposits are payable immediately to confirm the booking, and until paid and accompanied by a signed copy of this agreement, a booking remains provisional and Oake Manor reserves the right to re-let the date. Should there be other interest in the date whilst waiting for the deposit, the hirer will be contacted.

2. Payment

Payment will be required on the day less any initial deposit within 30 days of the date/tax point on the invoice.

3. Confirmation of Numbers

Oake Manor must be notified of the final number of delegates 2 days in advance of the event. The number of delegates confirmed will be invoiced.

4. Cancellation

Oake Manor may cancel the booking without liability in the following circumstances

a) On 6 months written notice, all monies paid by the hirer to Oake Manor will be refunded.
b) On as much notice as practicable if Oake Manor is or will be prevented by any cause outside its reasonable control from complying with its obligations under this agreement, all monies paid by the hirer to Oake Manor will be refunded.
c) On immediate written notice if Oake Manor, having consulted with the hirer, believes the hirer is or will be unable to meet any of the financial or other terms of this agreement. In this case there will be no refund of monies already paid.

The hirer may cancel the booking and charges will be incurred according to the notice given as follows:

a) 1 month or less – 100%
b) Up to 3 months – 75%
c) Up to 6 months – 50%
d) Over 6 months – deposit only

We advise you to take out insurance cover against unforeseen cancellation.

5. Insurance

Oake Manor does not undertake to maintain any insurances except those required by law. The hirer must inform Oake Manor of all material matters of which its insurers should be informed in relation to the intended use of the premises or facilities.

6. Liability and Indemnity

The hirer, delegates and agents use the premises at their own risk and shall bear the entire risk of:

a) Liability and claims for personal injury and death not caused by negligence of Oake Manor.
b) Damage, destruction, theft or loss in relation to the premises and the property of the hirer and his/her guests, delegates or representatives, whether or not the property was in the custody of Oake Manor.
c) Cancellation, except as otherwise provided in these conditions, complaints or claims of any nature in relation to the premises and facilities.
d) All loss or damage by or to any equipment or chattel brought onto the premises by the hirer and his/her guests, delegates or representatives.
e) Consequential losses whatsoever.

7. Other Terms

The hirer acknowledges that the event may be brought to an immediate end, after consultation with the hirer and without refund, if there is a serious abuse of premises or the facilities which, in the opinion of Oake Manor acting in good faith, cannot be prevented or remedied in any other way. The decision of Oake Manor will be final in this respect.

The hirer is responsible for the conduct of delegates throughout the event. The hirer and delegates are required to comply with all reasonable instructions from Oake Manor management and staff during the course of an event.

The hirer, delegates or agents are responsible for all Health and Safety aspects of their event. They must comply with all Health and Safety regulations and guidance displayed at or in relation to the premises or facilities. The hirer must take all reasonable care to safeguard and protect premises from loss or damage.

No food or drink may be brought on to the premises without prior, written consent of Oake Manor.


HOW WE USE YOUR DATA: All information submitted via the above contact form will only be used to contact you regarding your enquiry. We will not store any personal data once your initial enquiry has been resolved without your consent and your details will not be shared with any 3rd party or added to any mailing lists.


Conference Cancellation :- 14 Days Notice
Delegate Cancellation :- 2 Days Notice

We reserve the right to move any conference to an appropriately sized room – with or without prior notice